Russian Red Army Choir
to Conquer Hearts in June! !

The Russian Red Army Choir conquers hearts in every country it visits thanks to its enthusiastic stage performances, and is now coming to Turkey with the organization of IEG Live. There are also surprise songs in Turkish in the repertory of the band that will take the stage on 13 June 2015 at the Zorlu PSM!

The Russian Red Army Choir, the biggest army choir of the world, is coming to Istanbul to sing their songs ornamented through universal melodies. Going beyond the limits thanks to its outstanding energy, legendary stage show, and universal melodies, the group will this time conquer the hearts of the people of Istanbul through an IEG Live organization.

There are also surprise Turkish songs in the concert
The band that receives the standing ovations of millions of people on the most prestigious stages of the world will take the stage on 13 June, Saturday evening at 09.00 p.m. at the Zorlu PSM. Works like “Katyusha,” “Kalinka,” “Kernina,” and “Ave Maria” are among the most popular songs of the band that sings a wide array of songs in its concerts ranging from the Russian folk songs to the classical works, from the opera arias of the artists like Mozart and Verdi to the pop classics like “Sex Bomb” and “Hey Jude.” The band that undersigns heartwarming melodies is girding its loins to sing surprise Turkish songs as well.

Over 20 million fans worldwide
The Red Army Choir started its performances in 1939 to bolster the morale of the soldiers and public particularly under war circumstances and is known as the biggest live family show bringing the spirit of the Russian culture to the entire world. The band has more than 20 million fans in more than 50 countries in the world thanks to its infinite energy and cheerful stage shows and consists of Russia’s artists who have been selected among the greatest talents and trained painstakingly. The choir brings together approximately 120 choir members, orchestra, and ballet artists and is giving its audience an entertainment experience beyond borders and cultures. Many popular artists and producers like David Foster, Roger Waters, Jean-Jacques Goldman, and Steve Barakatt are among the famous musicians that have worked with the choir.

Tickets to the Istanbul and Ankara concerts of Red Army Choir, the most entertaining army choir of the world, are at Biletix.

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