Magnificent Century
Exhibition of Magnificence

Watched in interest by approximately 200 million people in 44 countries of the world, including Turkey, The Magnificent Century has attracted attentions with the costumes, jewelry, and locations of its age in addition to its story. It continues its journey into history with the exhibition entitled “Exhibition of Magnificence”, presenting its visitors a unique interaction and realism with an attention-grabbing and cutting-edge technology.

Preparation of the Magnificent Century “Exhibition of Magnificence” involved 4800 person/day labor from 10 different manufacturing disciplines, and its planning and realization work which lasted 16 months was finally completed on December 2014. The locations where the series took place were designed with a re-exhibition setup on 2400 m² area in 20 main galleries at the Maslak Uniq Museum. 180 candles, 115 candlesticks, 92 oil-lamps, and 240 LED light sources with different properties were used to reanimate the bewitching atmosphere of the series; 180 tailor-made costumes were sewn with 3600 meters of fabric in different types and patterns.

The hyper-realistic silicon statues of the 16 characters of the exhibition, amazing visitors in real dimensions, were completed in approximately 9 months by the Sculptor Murat Daşkın and his 12-person team.

The impressive simulation boat that welcomes the visitors and is imprinted in memories as the vessel that brought Alexandra (Hürrem) to Istanbul was adapted to the exhibition with the sound and video technology of the movie “Master and Commander” featuring Russell Crowe.