Recital Time in Istanbul:
“Kremlin Swan Lake Ballet”

Swan Lake, the select classic of the world’s ballet, will meet with art lovers through the performance of Kremlin Ballet, Russia’s young ballet company. Tchaikovsky’s famous wonder will “open the curtain” in Istanbul on 23 May.

Staged thousand times since the first day of its creation, Swan Lake, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s immortal work, will visit Turkey’s stages for the first time through the unique performance of the Kremlin Ballet whose art directorship and choreography were undertaken by the Russian National Dancer Andrey Petrov. Swan Lake, spellbinding everyone in every country where it is staged as one of the strongest works narrating love, will make the people of Istanbul experience a magical pleasure of performance with the Kremlin Ballet and through the organization of IEG Live.

One of the Unique Versions of Swan Lake …

One of the most prominent preferences of the greatest ballet companies of the world for more than one hundred thirty years in the entire world, Swan Lake is known as the masterpiece of the Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. The work that tells the story of Princess Odette transformed into a swan with the curse of a devilish sorcerer brings the victory of real love upon the curse of magic to the stage with the magnificent combination of music and dance. The work of Tchaikovsky ornamented with the western motifs and local dance tunes is this time performed by the Kremlin Ballet that continues its practices in the Kremlin State Palace building and that is reputed with their superior performance in their shows. The young team that has received great appreciation from the audiences and art circles is coming to Turkey with Swan Lake ballet that it performs through the motto of “Real love breaks the spell.” The works like “Nutcracker,” “Don Quixote,” Romeo and Juliette,” “Tom Sawyer,” and “Ivan the Terrible” are in the repertory of the company that stages the most select artworks of the world in many countries through their bewitching performances.

The Recital of Real Love in Istanbul
Swan Lake with the Kremlin Ballet will meet the lovers of ballet in Istanbul on Saturday, 23 May 2015, at the Zorlu PSM. The show will turn into a visual feast through the unique construal of music and dance and will conquer the hearts of art lovers with two consecutive performances that will take place in Istanbul.

Presenting a very different experience of a ballet show from its adaptations staged so far, tickets for the Istanbul performance of Swan Lake with the Kremlin Ballet can be found at Biletix…

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