David Garrett,
the Violin Prodigy,
in Turkey first Time!

Worldwide reputed violin virtuoso David Garrett is coming to Istanbul to give his first concert in Turkey. The young virtuoso known as “One of the prodigies of music” will create wonders on 20 May at the Haliç Congress Center.

David Garrett, one of the most important living violin virtuosos of the present times, will perform a concert in Turkey for the first time through the cooperation between IEG Live and Piu Music. The young artist who will meet with his fans on 20 May 2015 at the Haliç Congress Center will enchant the lovers of music with his original violin that has been the talk of the town worldwide. Garrett who takes the listeners to another world with the melodies that he regenerates with his violin will present a grasping violin recital including the classics like Johannes Brahms’s “Thuner Sonate,” “Andante Tranquill,” and “Regenliedsonate” at the Istanbul stage to his audience. Garrett will be accompanied by Julien Quentin with his piano at the concert.

Works Wonders with his Violin
David Garrett, who learned to play the violin by himself when he was only four, started to give recitals at the age of seven, and recorded his 2nd CD at 13, is known as “One of the prodigies of music.” In 2008, his name was mentioned in the Guinness Records Book as “the fastest violin player in the world” thanks to his performance by playing the “Flight of the Bumblebee” song in 1 minute 6,56 seconds (by playing 13 notes in 1 second). The artist who plays many rock and pop classics along with the popular classical songs through his unique style has a substantial group of fans worldwide. Able to make wide masses love the violin once again by blending its timbres with the modern sounds, Garrett is welcomed by great interest by the public and the media in almost every country he visits.

After his sold-out concerts worldwide, tickets to this concert to be performed on 20 May at the Haliç Congress Center in Istanbul are available at Biletix, and are anxiously awaitied by his fans in Turkey.

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